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september 21 2009

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

»workout plan.

» so im following katrina's workout plan here. if you havent visited her page, please do. very insightful, &nd her family is absolutely gorgeous! anyways. she says to spread it out over a 3x a week schedule, which means this is done monday, wednesday and friday. tuesday and thursday i will just do a mile walk with karma in the stroller, i want to tone my buns and thighs. :) the hubby said he will kill me if i lose the booty. hell ; i dont want to lose the booty anyways. like i said just tone it up some. as well as the tummy area. well thats about it for now. my next post i will have some pics up and some of measurements up so we can have something to compare!

2 cmmnts:

Anonymous said...

Good luck girl ! You can do it =)

мiмi =) said...

thank you, you too! i can definitely say you were a driving force to this, with your september to remember post ;)