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september 21 2009

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

»r e a s o n i n g.

» ok., so i figured i owed you guys an explanation on my sudden epiphany. so as you all know my little buddle of joy, karma, almost a year ago, and i still have a little bit of baby fat, not the cute kind that you spell, phat, no that real fat. lol. anywho, lo and behold between that and lots of stress, school, work, moving, her father, and just the sheer nature of you havin to eat, things might have gotten a tad bit outta hand.
for as long as i can remember i was involved in cheerleading, which there for means major work out. especially between my sophomore year thru my senior year, cause i had gotten involved in competitive cheerleading. if any of you have been involved with cheerleading, and more so competitive cheerleading you guys now how that goes, 3 a week practices, 3 minute routines, with a cheer, a chant, jumping sequence, and a tumbling routine. yeah can you say instant work out?!? needless to say, a bitch may not have been in the top physical shape of her life, but hell, i held my own :) anyways, in high school, your not to worried about what your eating, nachoes with your friends, burgers with your boyfriend, and those nights when you and your girlfriends would veg out and male bash while watching waiting to exhale or some other male bashing movie where at the end its all about friends, and laugh, cry and miss your booski over a pint of ben and jerry's, movie candy, sodas, and all that sweet gooey goodness. well needless to say, when people tell you that it will catch up to you, it damn sure does.

so now. i have commited myself into this. its been a year since i had karma, and it just doesnt make any since, im not saying i want to be a size two or anything, a chick is thick, and i love that, hell the hubby cant get enough of it :) but i do have some problematic areas that i want to pay special attention to. i.e. the tummy area, the arms, and inner thighs, want to lose the tummy and tone the arms, inner thighs, and the buns. i aint even gonna lie, gotta cute little figure, but its hidden under a little bit of fat, lol. my ideal look miss minaj aka, nicki the boss, nicki the ninja, nicki the harujuku barbie, all that lls.

yea, i love her. killa body. her and this chick here.

freakin love amber ;)

yeah, dont worry yall, ima get my shit right and tight! thanks to my supporters! love yall and thanks :)


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